8 Must-Have Hiking Gears for all Hikers

When you are thinking of hiking gears, everyone is going to tell you hundreds of things to bring. This is going to be quite confusing especially if you are a beginner. People usually tell you what essential hiking gears to bring based on their needs. But we have to be honest here that everyone need and luxuries when it comes to picking what to carry on the back. Well, everyone has made a mistake in choosing the wrong hiking gears, but you do not have to be one of them. Here are the 8 must-have hiking gears.

It is always confusing what to carry during your trip and what not to, it is very important to analyse what is needed in your trip and what is not required. we have seen many times people realize that certain things are missing when they actually felt the need of any specific product even experience backpacker makes mistake certain times so it should be on your first priority how to pack for your hiking trip and what things are need to be included in your bag. After our and many travelers experience and opinion we sort out must essential things that need to be included in your packing list in your next Hiking trip.

Appropriate clothing and shoes
There is actually no rule in what is right or wrong when it comes to hiking clothing. However, it is always a good idea to wear something you are most comfortable with. The choice will always depend on the hiking location for example when you are traveling through woods, it is best to wear hiking trousers. Here are some hiking clothes and shoes to bring.
•Hiking trousers
•Hiking boots
•Waterproof jacket
•Extra clothing

Always remember you are on your hiking trip and not any other random trip so selection of clothes is equally important that makes you comfortable enough that you can actually enjoy your hiking trip.

Hiking backpack
Hiking backpack is the essential gear to put on the list. It is available widely in various sizes and styles. The choice of the right backpack may vary from one and another, but most importantly, choose one you are comfortable when carrying on your back. It should be taken care of that you pack light and portable that you can carry your bag all day along easily.

First aid kit
Never goes on hiking without bringing first aid kit. The first aid kit includes band-aids for cuts and blisters, some types of disinfectant, and perhaps bandages in case of emergency. You do not have to make the first aid kit on your own because there are lots of pre-packaged first aid kits that you can bring along the journey. Always check the kit and be sure what you are carrying in your first-aid Kit so that whenever it requires you know very well what actually you are having and what options you have for treatment.

Sunscreen and bug spray
Hiking is about sunshine everywhere and if you are hiking in a place with a cold breeze, you cannot tell if you face are getting sunburned. Thus, it is always important to bring sunscreen SPF 30 or something which is also sweat proof and waterproof to give extra protection to your skin. As important as bug spray, there is nothing worse than having a company bug covered your legs and arm. Be sure to bring bug spray and sunscreen in your bag because you don`t want to be hurt with direct sunlight and nor you prefer to be insect bite victim.

Extra food
The amount of food and drink to bring strongly depends on the how long you will go hiking. But make sure that you bring enough.

Compass and maps
There is always a reason to bring compass and maps during hiking which is to prevent from getting lost and stay on the right track. Compass and maps is a good choice even though there is a more sophisticated choice, GPS because you simply do not rely on batteries.

Emergency shelter

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Emergency shelter, such as sleeping bag, emergency blanket and the like, is always a good idea to bring. These things will keep you comfortable when you have to camp out unexpectedly. You should always have an emergency shelter with you. Wosports have come up with an amazing product which is a Family Tent Portable Pack in which 8 to 10 Person can get in and take shelter. This tent can also save you from rainstorm. Inner, Outer and Ground part of the tent is waterproof. This can definitely be your saviour.

Multi-tool and repair kit
There is no need to bring the regular kitchen knife when you are hiking, but multi-tool and repair kit will do great. You can read about survival knives reviews to get an idea of what kind of multi-tool and repair kit to bring.