A reliable and durable rangefinder, the Golf Tournament Legal Rangefinder

What is meant by a Golf Tournament Legal Rangefinder?

  • The golf Tournament Legal Rangefinder are a useful piece of equipment that has made it easier to choose the right club for a specific distance. A golf rangefinder may calculate the distance from a player to different course markers, such as the flagstick on a green or a hazard.
  • You can change your club choice and potential shot type if you have this information, which can help you determine exactly how far you are from the green.
  • With a laser beam pointed at the target, the golf rangefinder calculates the distance to the object. A laser is pointed at the target, which serves as a pin, and the rangefinder records the reflected light. The distance is determined by measuring the time it took for the laser to be reflected by the device.
  • This rangefinder is suitable for measuring reflecting objects with variable degrees of reflectivity, such as road signs, building walls, and other objects. It is also suitable for measuring things with very low reflection.

Use a golf rangefinder for the following reasons:

The following are a few justifications for why a golf rangefinder is essential.

  • Golf Tournament Legal Rangefinder are designed to assist players in measuring shot distances more precisely and increasing their overall accuracy.
  • They will help the golfer improve their game by pointing out the proper force to strike the ball.
  • They are equipped with indicators that indicate whether the slope is on or off, allowing them to be utilized in competitions without going against the rules that are in place for certain events.
  • You can follow your plan and get helpful information at the same time.
  • You will notice a noticeable improvement in your game if you get a laser rangefinder for golf.
  • Rangefinders are portable and light, making them simple to carry. The design's modest size and compact nature ensure that even if you add more weight to your load, it won't significantly increase.

What services do Wosports offer?

Wosports is committed to providing high-quality items that meet its customers' expectations. Golf rangefinders of the highest caliber are available from us. If you utilize these top-notch rangefinders, you'll be able to take precise shots at a farther distance. You may choose from a variety of golf rangefinder models. Calculating the distance between two points on the ground is straightforward when using a golf rangefinder. Golfers are constantly seeking for new and original methods to improve their game. Now that we can supply golf rangefinders of the finest standard, we can accomplish just that. To buy yours, get in touch with us.

The features of Golf Tournament Legal Rangefinder:

  • Golf Scope and Support Vibration, Continuous Scan, Distance Speed Measurement Range Finder, Laser Rangefinder
  • Variations in the measured object's reflectance include: Low reflectivity items, moderate reflectivity objects (like building walls), and high reflectivity things (like street signs) (such as trees and golf flagpoles, etc.)
  • Locking a flag at 150 yards:
  • The equipment will vibrate automatically after the flag distance has been locked—distances up to 150 yards for flag locking (The golf flag is a low reflectivity object).
  • Runs on a CR2 battery (Included)
  • Wosports Happy Guarantee offers a worry-free 18-month warranty together with helpful customer support.
  • There are three modes on this laser rangefinder for golf and hunting: Flag Lock, Distance, and Speed (0-300km/h).
  • Ideal for gauging golf flags. This laser rangefinder has a measuring range of 5 to 800 yards and a flag lock distance of 250 yards. Fast measurement (with +/- 1 yard) is provided. 
  • Perpetual scan ergonomic planning. The distance rangefinder's battery cover is permanently attached. Automatically turn off after ten seconds if no activity is detected.

How does range finding work in golf?

The main job of a golf rangefinder is to determine as precisely as possible how far away a target is from where you are standing. A golf rangefinder uses one of your eyes, just like you would when looking through any scope, to magnify the target and fire a laser beam at it to calculate the precise distance. Any target could be the one to which you applied a rangefinder to determine the distance. The needle stands out the most, and the best rangefinders use specialized techniques to pick up the minuscule flag against anything in the background to ensure that you get the correct yardage.

A golf rangefinder will improve your game in three ways:

You should get a reliable rangefinder if you're serious about upgrading your golf game. Here are three ways a rangefinder might help you play better golf:

  • Choose the appropriate group:

To calculate exactly how far each club in your bag has to be struck for the ball to go, utilize a rangefinder. Using this knowledge will help you choose the best club for each shot.

  • Hit the ball right:

 By adjusting your aim and hitting the ball straighter, you may achieve the precise target distance.

  • Improve your game: 

By ensuring that you always strike the ball from the optimum place, a rangefinder may help you improve your game. When playing golf, a rangefinder may provide accurate distance measurements, removing the need for guessing. It's great for golf enthusiasts who despise judging distances by eye.


Golf Tournament Legal Rangefinder makes estimating ground distances between locations easier. Golfers have long looked for methods to improve their game. You don't need to be a pro to understand the value of range finder golf. Due to WOSPORTS, they can accomplish it right now. Professionals often buy them to raise their grade point averages. You will like this new range finder since it is so easy to use. Now you can play golf like a pro. Because of these gadgets' ease of use and accuracy, you won't miss another shot. Buy a new rangefinder straight now. Make use of this rangefinder as you play a game of golf!

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