How To Build A Better Deer Trap

Building a better deer trap takes a lot of hard work and experience. While it can take many years to gain the knowledge for creating high quality deer habitat and the deer hunting setups that follow, I have found you can find success quickly by recognizing the strategy of using the common mouse trap.

It is interesting to see how folks use the common mouse trap. Have you ever tried to trap a mouse?I have, and it takes a little strategy. My personal method involves hiding the trap around a corner that isn't easily visable to the common human traffic of the house. Then, I add some peanut butter and avoid the area, often leaving the hidden and baited trap, overnight. The primary purpose is to allow the mouse to feel comfortable in his own habitat, to find the trap without being scared by the folks in the home. Then, the mouse unknowingly walks right in and SNAP!

It amazes me that while the general population can put so much effort into catching a mouse, they sometimes do not put that same amount of strategy into hunting deer. Have you ever sat in a chair waiting, with the trap on the floor between your legs, left the lights on and stared at the trap while hoping to catch a mouse? I haven't. However, many deer hunters do, every single year.

Walking through food plots, driving an ATV to your stand, using noisy treestands and hunting unhidden and exposed "deer traps" of food plots, mock scrapes and waterholes are fairly common in the deer woods. I have experienced if you hunt deer like you attempt to catch a mouse, your odds of success will be just about as high as you can find, regardless of if you are using acorns, brassicas, scrapes, apples, water sources, hinge cut bedding areas - or peanut butter - as a trap. For more information on properly entering and exiting your stand locations, check out, Predatory Access-Chapter 19 Of My Book, "Whitetail Success By Design."

The perfect deer habitat traps can be built by following the strategy used to catch a mouse. Hidden, out of a harms way and letting the deer feel as if they aren't being watched in any way, rules the day when it comes to consistent deer hunting success. Are you an expert deer hunter? Regardless of your level of deer hunting experience, you can quickly understand the best methods to kill more deer, if you are an expert at catching mice.

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