Instant Hinge Cut Deer Cover And Food

Barely into Spring green-up, these hinge cuts are already producing an explosion of deer habitat. Our February hard work, was successful in creating instant hinge cut deer cover and food!

Huge cuts can be maintained for decades and offer the potential to both feed and house the local deer herd, during the hours of daylight. It doesn't take long before the core attributes of hinge cutting can be working for you, on your land. However, not all hinge cuts are created equal!

There are two important ingredients for successful hinge cuts: Side Cover and food. That means that your cuts have to be low enough to both hide and feed deer at the same time. While high hinge cuts may look cool on paper, they can be dangerous to cut and unfortunately place the majority of the cover and food above a deer's head.

By creating hinge cuts about waist high and making sure that deer can easily move throughout your cuttings, you can create highly successful bedding areas and travel corridors for deer. Best of all, the deer can begin to enjoy your work very quickly.

The entire goal of a hinge cut should be to create side cover and food. When you make sure to keep your hinge cuts low and plenty of open deer trails open throughout your cuttings, it is hard to go wrong! Even in less than 2 months, you can make changes to the deer habitat on your land, that can be used by the neighborhood deer for decades to come.

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