Selecting the Right Rangefinder for Golfing

Written by Andrew Smith.

What would golfers do without a rangefinder? The tool does not just help you prevail with your sense of professionalism, but gradually closes the gap to achieve accuracy and perfection.

The underlying purpose of the golf rangefinders is to help players get just the right measurement of the distance to flags, green, and possible hazards on the field.

Over the years, the increasing demand for the device has made its availability in a variety of models. In addition, it is entirely up to you whether you choose to go with a laser-oriented or GPS optical rangefinder to measure your distances. However, it largely depends on your needs and expectations from the instrument as well.

The trick is to find the rangefinder that suits your style. For this blog post, we will focus on how to establish the right criteria to select the right rangefinder for golfing.

The Functionality of the Rangefinder

Here is the thing, the regular players and enthusiasts alike have an in-depth insight into the rangefinder functionality.

The interest and curiosity of new players may lead them to play golf, but finding the right rangefinder can be an exhausting process. What is the solution? First, start with a basic model calibrated to your needs.

Pay Attention to Size and Weight

The size and weight of each rangefinder differ from brand to brand. Besides, the thought of carrying around heavy equipment on the golf course is daunting in itself. So, select the device that is small and manageable for an extended period.

Though just for the sake of the lightweight, do not compromise the quick readability of the device. A robust and compatible rangefinder would get you the precise readings with a single click of a button.

Cost Structure

To get the hang of the cost-benefit structure of numerous rangefinders, continue to shop the golf rangefinders to avail the best deal in the market.

Moreover, it is not a good idea to lean towards a device merely because of a higher price. Remember that your distance range ultimately helps determine the cost ratio. That said, most of the models are equipped to measure 900 yards limit. Keeping that in mind, weigh the pros and cons of several models.

Must-Have Features

Sure, you can select the optimal value from a wide range of models. However, the fact remains, the golf rangefinder is only good as its features. A more advanced model would have more added features as compared to the basic model.

You should look for a bright display, automatic alerts for pin positioning, and extra speed precision (ESP) in a golf rangefinder.

If the selection of club is your primary concern on the golf course, you may want to purchase a rangefinder with a slope mode. The functional purpose of a slope mode feature is to practice shots on an incline that invariably improves your game.

Major competitions, however, do not allow players to use the slope mode. Therefore, switch off the slope mode of your device before involving in an official tournament.

Measure the Distance

The suitable selection of a rangefinder requires you to establish the maximum distance your device is compatible to measure. You can find models that offer starting range as 100 to as high as 400 yards. The measured distance your device is capable of handling is more vital than you may realize.

Authorization Matters

Friendly matches do not obligate you to authorize or authentic your golf rangefinder. The active participation in tournaments, on the other hand, necessitates that you should get the authorization by the USGA.

Seek Customer Reviews

It would be wise on your part to adopt a reserved mindset for the selection of the device. Take a peek into user reviews and other conversational topics regarding various rangefinder brands.

It is true – the majority of the buyers do not indulge in thorough research of the available rangefinders. With the help of research, you will be able to figure out the issues associated with each device through the personal ratings of the customers. This valuable information will go a long way to make a mature purchase decision.

Avoidable Mistakes

The quality, cost, and features marginally vary, but that does not mean you should devour your instinct to overlook the reviews and legality of the rangefinder. In addition, the same rule applies not impulsively to purchase from an unreliable brand.

Count on Experience

You might want to listen to the customers who have been using the same device that you intend to buy. Hence, do not shy away from the voice of experience.

Also, try to engage with other golf players and how they view their current model. Similarly, spend as much time as you can on to get more customer reviews and product information.

In addition, as simple as it may sound, finding the right golf rangefinder that complements your needs virtually comes down to analyzing as many customer reviews as possible. As a result, the more you are aware of the general taste of the public, the better perspective you will have to make the final purchase decision.

The Legality of the Rangefinder

Getting an approved device from a trustworthy supplier should be your forefront priority. This cautious evaluation will eventually impact your decision to partake in an official tournament.

The selection of right rangefinder does not necessarily mean it should solely live up to the USGO, but your required standards as well.

Final Thoughts

The professionals are always on the lookout for a golf rangefinder with excellent visibility, functionality, speed, and accuracy. Your goal, however, should be to selectively review unique needs instead of blindly choosing a device that integrates every feature.

With rangefinders’ precise distance feature, you can finally stop hitting shots just off the putting surface. The device can help you realize your true potential as a golfer to hit that perfect length.

The fact is rangefinders for golfing are easy to operate and valued at affordable prices. The right selection of the device means hitting each shot during your round and receiving cheerful applause.

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