Top Fishing Gadgets

There is something really quite meditative and relaxing about going fishing. It can be a beautiful experience, whether you are bonding with your children or enjoying a little bit of tranquillity on your own. Studies show that activities like fishing can relieve stress and lower blood pressure. We’re big fans of fishing, however there is noting more disappointing then being out at sea for hours and hours, and then coming home having caught no fish at all. I’m sure we have all experienced this, I have definitely experienced this quite a few times! In this article I am going to tell you about some of my favourite fishing gadgets that can help you in the pursuit of catching fish!

Fish Handling Glove

Have you ever been at sea or on a fishing lake, and have had to cut your fishing trip short because of a little injury? Maybe you’ve cut your hand on a sharp end of a boat, or you have had an accident with a knife. With a fish handling gloves, you may never have a clumsy injury again. A fish handling glove is made of cut proof material and will protect you against all sort of injuries with sharp objects, not to mention any fish that may have super sharp fins.

Multi-Tool Fishing Pliers

In this day and age, there are so many fishing gadgets out there but something that may be easily overlooked is a good set of multi-tool fishing pliers. These are great, they contain contain wire cutters, pliers, crimpers, two knives, a can opener and a saw. I love this gadget because it contains all these implements in one gadget. It is both convenient, and a great space saver, which is especially handy for when you are travelling light.

Fishing Sun Glasses

How often have you been out at sea and your view of the fish has been obscured by the blinding sun? It happens to me all of the time! That’s where fishing sunglasses come in. They may not sound like the coolest fishing gadget on the market, but they sure do come in handy. As well as reducing glare from the sun, so you can see the fish better, fishing sunglasses are also made of very tough and durable material so they can withstand more than a few knocks.

Underwater Fishing Camera

An underwater fishing camera is an excellent fishing device that many fishermen would not be without. It helps to detect the exact location of the fish, especially when they are quite far in the water. This device is used by beginners as well as intermediate and more advanced fishermen.  It not only allows you to detect where the nearest fish are, but it also enables you to differentiate between the different species of fish. One of the stand out features of an under water fishing camera is that it can also be used in low light situations, so it would be perfect for night fishing.


Zombait is amongst the newest of fishing gadgets to hit the market. It is as wacky as it sounds. Zombait will bring your dead bait back to life! All you have to do is insert the zombait in the mouth of your dead bait, and it will start swimming and wriggling around almost as if it was alive. This is exactly what is needed to appeal to fish. One of the great features about the Zombait, is that it is rechargeable and reusable! So in theory you only ever have to buy one, but of course, there is nothing stopping you from buying multiples Zombaits and multiplying your chances of catching fish. 

A Tackle Box

A tackle box may seem like such a small gadget in comparison to some I have named in this article, but it is every bit as important. When fishing it is so important that you are organised and that you know exactly where everything is. A tackle box is the perfect device for storing all your fishing tools, and will enable you to be ready for every situation.

Editors Choice

In this article I have highlighted some fantastic fishing gadget, which will be sure to help you improve your fishing game, but there is one device that stands out beyond all of the others. This fishing device is the Wosports portable fish finder underwater camera. It has some terrific features – it has a big colour display monitor and its LED lights that allow you to capture footage even in low light situations, It also allows the use of a 32gb storage card for prolonged use and most importantly it will work in water for anything up to 30 meters. All of this is available at a bargain price of $126.99! This is an absolute steal compared to some other similar products on the market. You will be amazed at the difference this device will make to your fishing experience.