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Thank you all for supporting wosports, wosports has born for about 10 years, we gained a lot laser rangefinder reviews from our customer.

The laser rangefinder is a portable optoelectronic device that can be used that can be used to measure the distance of a stationary object within a certain range. It possesses advantages such as high accuracy, short measuring time, low power consumption and automatic power-off for power saving, It is advantageous at identifying small objects(such as flagsticks) from background targets, like trees or bushes, and locking the measurement data accurately. This rangefinder suitable for measuring high reflectivity of an object(such as street signs), moderate reflectance (such as a building wall), and low reflectivity objects(such as trees and golf flagpole,etc.)

Here are some reviews that the customer says to us and we want to share with you here. Let's see:


1.  It has awesome features and the whole hunting family loves using it so far!

I got this to help with my bow and gun hunting. I am not all that great with distance and needed something that could estimate the distance for me. I have used this for about a week or so and have had no issues whatsoever. It has a carrying pouch, CR2 battery, the strap, microfiber cleaning cloth and quick start guide to help with usage. An extra feature that I found that it measures speed. I guess I could use that when I sight in my bow to see how fast my arrows are actually going. I think my only gripe is that I wish it had some kind of lens covers to protect the lenses but that is not a negative for me as there is a carrying pouch and cleaning cloth included. The usage is pretty self-explanatory after you put the battery in the locking battery compartment and turn this rangefinder on.

                                                                              -------   K.Ray from the USA for AL700

2.  This rangefinder is on the mark for being an awesome deal and a "range" of awesome functions. Buy now!

Super-fast delivery! Saw the same item on Newegg with an expected delivery date of 9-18 days. I had mine in 2 days, honestly felt like a day and a half. Intuitive controls and good ENGLISH instructions. I was really just skimming through when I was shopping and needed a range finder to help make sure that I was shooting at consistently ranged targets. This unit does that and so so much more. The 6x zoom works great and the rubber eyepiece with adjustable focus make it a breeze to use with or without glasses (prescription or safety) Like I said, it felt more like 1 and a half day delivery because I had it out on the range using it within an hour of getting it. Whether you need simple range, moving range, speed or any of the other advertised features. you will definitely get them with this unit.
I was not offered any sort of incentive to write this. I purchased it based solely on my own research and out of my own pocket. This review is deserved for it being a good product.

                                                            -------------- Jason Orcutt from the USA for AL700

3.  Really does range to 700 yards.

I got these last Thursday and went on an elk hunt the following day.
I ranged brush, trees, rocks, and mountainsides as far away as 695 yards. I am impressed. The rangefinder this one replaced, now in the possession of my eldest son, ranges up to about 300 yards if conditions are perfect, and in low light, not much over about 50 yards.
This rangefinder ranged out to over 500 yards as the sun was setting. Wow, did that impress me?
I highly recommend this product. And no, I am not affiliated with the seller or the manufacturer in any way. My son found this and sent me a link.
I do have one caveat. If you shake much, the distance you can range will be less than I got. I do shake, and the wind was blowing, but I still, after several tries, was able to range out very far. it did take some time occasionally for me to get a reading.
The other thing I don't like is that the speed is shown in KM/H, not MPH. Stupid for a product aimed at the U.S. market. I'm just glad the distance is in yards. That's how my brain works, and being in my 60s, I'm not going to adjust to metric anytime soon, or ever, so don't bother.

                                                              ----------- Karl L. Pearson from the USA for AL700

4. The Perfect Find For Golf

I have a few golfers in the house. My son already owns a golf rangefinder and my husband wanted one. I decided on this one after discussing with my son which one I should purchase. He owns an expensive name brand one and just likes it. Both my son and husband were impressed with this golf rangefinder. This rangefinder has multi-functions with range/angle/slope distance, flag lock, and speed. Each function provides a purpose to aid you in improving your golf game. It has a slight vibration as the target is ranged is a plus allowing the golfer to have immediate feedback. The nice part is the rangefinder is easy to use and lightweight. It comes with a carrying pouch, cleaning cloth, CR2 battery, manual and a strap. A fantastic gift for the golfer in your life. With this golf rangefinder, it’s accurate and works just as well if not better than the high-end ones. The carrying case even has a hook camp so you can easily hook it to your golf bag. My husband already has it packed and ready to go with him to Florida for his golf adventures.

                                           ------------    bradybunch from the USA for Rangefinder with slope

5. Easy to Use, Accurate, Durable

Inserting and removing the included battery is easy, as the battery bay door has its own closable tab to make doing so convenient.
When pressed, the button closest to the user displays distance in Yards or Meters. (To switch between Yards and Meters, simply hold the other button and it switches between Yards and Meters).
When pressed to get distance, there's also a small, visible, unobtrusive battery icon in the viewfinder.
The carrying case is nice quality, durable, and protects the rangefinder well.
Very lightweight, accurate, easy to use, excellent quality. I'm overall very happy with this rangefinder.

                                                                         ----------------- David from USA for W600

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