Watch Your Birdies Blooming with Our Bird Feeder Trail Camera


What is a Trail Camera?

For the unapprised, a trail camera is a camera that is mostly used outdoor for protracted periods of time. Infrared accelerometers are fitted in these cameras and remain latent until anything crosses its detecting area. At the viewpoint, they will take images or footage of whatever is in their line of sight. In precise situations, trail cameras take shots in 0.2 seconds. As the trail cameras are typically inaudible when recording, you can place one near familiar natural areas. Some trail cameras also function efficiently in the dark, with no-glow infrared lights that can irradiate a creature without causing it to become alarmed. Some can connect to wireless connections and transfer the photographs and movies they record to your smartphone, allowing users to access them afar. It also suggests you can leave them for a more protracted period before needing to return to the outdoors to collect them.

What is a Bird Feeder Trail Camera?

Bird watching is an attention-grabbing activity and having a bird feeder camera gives you an opportunity to watch the wonders of nature without disturbing the birds themselves. Setting up a camera and being able to capture the birds as they visit your feeder is no doubt a lovely experience. Setting up a bird feeder camera can be a pretty easy task to do. All that is needed is the right camera to start with.

A bird feeder camera is a mechanized photo or video camera most often with a weatherproof casing that is apposite for outdoor use. A bird feeder camera system enables you to record whatever is happening at your feeders when you are away from your home. It also lets you record and watches live videos of your favorite birdies from wherever you are.

Our bird feeder camera kits and cameras let you watch birds in your garden on feeders, bird tables, birdbaths, and more. Our bird feeder range includes wireless Wi-Fi-enabled cameras that can connect with a smartphone app or PC and wired cameras too. All of our cameras and kits are waterproof to bring you footage all year round. These cameras are often fixed as a part of the bird feeder or stationed somewhere really close to the feeder.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bird Feeder Camera:

Choosing a camera that will serve for the recording of your bird feeder may not be an easy task as you will have to take into account several factors. Generally speaking, you should consider your budget in the first place.  How much you are willing to spend on the purchase. Then select the cellular camera that you can afford. Before buying the Bird Feeder Trail Camera, you also need to decide on the power options from battery power, solar power, and plug-in power cameras. Next, Look for the image quality. The camera's picture quality is also quite significant.  The following are some of the factors that are important in choosing a camera for your bird feeder:

  • Power Source: This is one very important factor to consider before buying a camera for bird watching. Is there a nearby electric outlet where you intend to set up your camera? If there is not any, perhaps because the bird feeder is at a remote place, far from your house, then it would be best if you purchase one of those battery-powered wireless cameras. Because the battery life will be something of concern, battery-powered cameras like this only come alive when motion is noticed. On the other hand, having to cater to the troubles of a battery-powered wireless camera may be too much of a trouble for you. If this is the case, then going for a wired camera may be the best for you.
  • Camera Resolution: If you would be streaming live or simply recording, then the resolution of the camera you are using is very important as it will regulate the superiority of the videos you get. It is, therefore, necessary you go for high-end bird feeder cameras that can give you the crumbly videos you want. A good rule of thumb is to go for 1080p cameras and above. If you would be watching your streaming or recording from a larger screen, like a TV, then getting a 4k camera might do your videos noble good. A good rule of thumb when buying your camera is to check the specs scrupulously before buying.
  • Recording Time: The type of camera you will get also depends on when you intend to record with it. Is it in the daytime or during the night? In the sunlight, it is always easy for almost any camera to capture all that is happening, out where the bird feeder is or in the birdhouse. It is always best to go for a camera that will let you see what is happening in dim light and at night if you intend to record by that time. This is where a camera with night vision features comes to play especially as a lot of birds are nocturnal in nature.


Placing a bird feeder trail camera in your garden can provide you with amazing insights into the life of birds that are not usually seen. This camera is for everyone – from those with the tiniest of urban gardens or balconies to those with the largest of estates. Especially, it is important to not disturb bird nesting sites during breeding season because this can cause the adults to abandon their young and damage the local bird species. Wosports have vowed to provide its customers with the best of the best quality products. We also provide pre and post-sales guidance and assistance. So do not let go of this opportunity to shop from our diverse website.

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